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Shandong slang island sea science and technology co., LTD., located in flourish slang island town, is the national agricultural products processing industry demonstration enterprise, key national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, the national food industry outstanding leading enterprises, breeding and processing kelp demonstration base in shandong province, shandong province fishery processing export standardized demonstration garden. For a raise, fishing, and simultaneously, fishery, industry and trade integrated joint-stock enterprises. The company was founded in 1956, formerly known as flourish slang island fishing companies. In 1999, restructured into rongcheng slang island aquatic products co., LTD., in 2004 changed to aquatic products co., LTD., shandong slang island in 2006 and the ownership of the adjustment, further improve the corporate governance structure, into the modern enterprise management system, set up in shandong slang island sea science and technology co., LTD. Company consists of deep-sea fishing, aquaculture, ocean tuna fish, seaweed processing, refrigeration processing of aquatic products, fish meal processing, BeiZao seedling and other projects, as well as the rongcheng weiye international shipping agency co., LTD., rongcheng branch companies such as slang island port co., LTD. In recent years, the company increased investment in science and technology, scientific research, introducing talents and scientific research achievements transformation efforts, relying on the opening to the outside world, science and technology start sea strategic thinking, perfecting and implementing the industry development, industry research and development innovation, the protection of intellectual property rights, brand building, such as content, greatly promoted the fast and good development of the enterprise.


Fishing industry is the traditional pillar industry, company scale strength, has a 330-382 kw 16 steel shell trawl fishing boats, fishing capacity of 100000 tons, annual output value of more than 6000 ten thousand yuan, the profit is 15 million yuan, to ship the average output column to flourish in the same industry forefront.


South Pacific bluefin tuna longline fishing fleets are international fishing platform construction company, now has 220 2 kw cold sea fishing boats, 330 6 kw cold sea fishing boats, management benefit level for years, is implemented in shandong province in the south Pacific project benefit good units in the same industry.


Farming is a leading company for basic industries, with breeding sea beaches 20000 mu. The main breeding are seaweed, scallops, oysters, sea cucumber, abalone, etc.


BeiZao seedling system perfect, total seedling water more than 9000 square meters, nurtures the seaweed seedlings 800 million strains, 2 million grains of abalone seedlings sea cucumber seedlings 10 million, chief cockle seedling 2 billion grains.


Kelp food processing size, total inventory capacity of 52000 tons, salted kelp assembly line 13, cooked dried seaweed production line 4, kelp, kelp noodles pickles production line 1, digestive kelp fresh vegetables 60000 tons, is the nation's largest kelp food processing enterprises. The main products are salted kelp, cooked noodles dried seaweed, kelp, kelp recovering, kelp pickles, kelp dumplings, and hundreds of varieties. Salted kelp, cooked dried seaweed as shandong famous brand product and the national green food. Passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, QS, ISO22000 and measurement management system certification. Product sales throughout the country, exports of Taiwan and Europe market. "Eat algae treasure" trademark was rated as shandong famous trademark.


Cold storage processing and storage capacity of 15000 tons, annual production capacity of more than 50000 tons. Mainly engaged in seafood Spanish mackerel, saury economic fish, yellow croaker, squid and other frozen.


Rongcheng weiye international shipping agency co., LTD., with 3000 kw import tug a ship, the main agent cargo in and out of the port towage and submitted to the customs clearance agent business.


Rongcheng slang island port co., LTD. Is the original slang island port is crossed and to set up, at present only in the plot development.


Companies are now very committed to the introduction and innovation of science and technology. Currently he is member of shandong institute of light industry production base, the yellow sea fisheries research institute of Chinese academy of fishery sciences slang island ecological breeding research base, school rongcheng weihai water develops the aquaculture professional training base. Cooperating with the Chinese academy of sciences, ocean is the "national important economic biological resources and the typical bay bible repair technology integration and demonstration" project research and experiment. In collaboration with mariculture research institute of shandong province for the "national shellfish industry technology system proliferation" chief cockle of research project of seedling and bottom sowing technology research and development. Cooperation with the shandong institute of light industry, and achieved "ready-to-eat seaweed wine and kelp soft surface" technology research and development technology achievements. And to undertake the project the fishery resources in shandong province repair action plan put in the work of artificial reefs 86 hectares.


Shandong slang island sea science and technology co., LTD., the industrial structure, characteristic, has good prospects for development, we will with open arms, all rivers run into sea, welcome all healthyenterprise exchanges and cooperation and seek common cause.


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